Using Dynatrace Monitoring Data for Generating Performance Models of Java EE Applications

Felix Willnecker, Andreas Brunnert, Wolfgang Gottesheim und Helmut Krcmar

Proceedings of the 6th ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering, pp. 103-104

2015 · New York, NY, USA · DOI: 10.1145/2668930.2688061


This paper conducts a systematic literature review of papers published in the proceedings of the International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE) and its predecessors. It provides an overview of prevailing topics within the community over time. We look at research and contribution facets that have been used to address these topics. Trends are outlined in terms of evaluation methods to validate contributions. The results are complemented with a geographical and organizational dimension. The paper concludes with a look at the top ten contributing countries and organizations for this purpose.

Stichworte: application performance management, load testing, Performance Evaluation