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Researching with success!

For more than 10 years, fortiss has successfully implemented the principal – research. application. success. – together with its partners in industry, research and government. The institute places special emphasis on collaboration with small-to-medium enterprises in Bavaria – and as result is writing a Bavarian success story.

This success is evident in the more than 300 industry-wide projects to date, in which the process of research cooperation – from development of the idea to implementation of the result in real-world applications – has been realized to the benefit of all participants. Each fortiss success story is one part of this achievement and demonstrates how collaborative research efforts establish technology trends and accelerate the development of innovative ideas and solutions.

fortiss success story EU-IoT


Digitally connecting Europe

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a significant step towards the digitalization of our society and economy. For this reason the European Commission is working on the next generation of the Internet of Things (NGIoT) together with industry, public organizations and research institutes in order to unleash the potential of the IoT technologies specifically for EU member states. 

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fortiss success story


Wireless solutions for production environments

Connectivity is currently the most crucial factor for the digital transformation. Under these conditions, there is an increasing focus on the next phase of industrial connectivity, which will involve even more mobility, automatic configurability and simple integration of a large number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

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fortiss success story DKE KI standard

VDE-AR-E 2842-61

Quality becomes verifiable

Artificial intelligence (AI) is considered the key technology of the future across all industries. Norms and standards are the best prerequisite for this development, because they offer transparency, explainability and quality and in this way ensure the immense innovative power of AI technology.

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We rely on our own outstanding employees and the right external partners. And here we highly value the expertise of fortiss in order to reflect on our actions, analyze opportunities for improvement, and align ourselves with the current state of science and technology.

Hans Fiesel, Technology Director Endress+Hauser AG


Smart concept for a stable energy supply

India’s economy has constantly grown over the past years, with the result that the demand for energy has also increased dramatically in the southern Asia country. With an aging infrastructure and daily power outages, the growing demand for electricity poses major challenges for the energy market in India.

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fortiss success story MEMAP


Climate change close to home

Climate change and the energy transformation require innovative solutions to ensure a sustainable supply of electricity and heat. Increasing electrification, expansion of decentralized energy generation and growing power grid fluctuations are testing the limits of the existing supply system, a situation that can only be overcome with novel solutions.

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fortiss success story FarmExpert 4.0

FarmExpert 4.0

Farming goes digital

Agricultural digitalization connects various processes and participants together through a wide range of information. Apart from farmers, the players include IT service providers, agricultural technology manufacturers, consultants and public administration. The benefits of using digital technology can be clearly seen in potential increases in sustainability and productivity, as well as reduced/streamlined labor.

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The experts at fortiss have shown us how we can digitalize our production process. This allows us to digitally track the path of our products and guarantee their authenticity, thus deterring potential counterfeiters. We were persuaded by the methods-based approach from fortiss because it led to concrete results.

Steven Pannell, Chief Digital Officer IBO GmbH
fortiss success story BARK


The key to save driving

Autonomous driving will essentially revolutionize the automobile. Artificial intelligence will play a central role and help to adapt automobiles for the future. The focus here is on road traffic prognoses that are as reliable and safe as possible.

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Visual success story AutoFOCUS3


Optimizing the vehicle architectures of tomorrow

With the open-source tool AutoFOCUS 3, fortiss is demonstrating how system architecture analysis and optimization can be automated through model-based development in order to efficiently respond to target conflicts and changes.

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fortiss success story SPARTA


Safely reaching the destination per convoy

Advanced wireless technologies make it possible for automobiles to connect with their surroundings. While connecting vehicles offers many advantages, cyber security will nevertheless become a major challenge.

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The expertise, creativity and technical possibilities of fortiss are very enriching and inspiring for us. Especially in a time that is subject to great change, we were able to try out new ways together.

Claudius Reiser, Produktmanager Energieeffizienzmaßnahmen, Sauter-Cumulus GmbH
fortiss success story INRC1


Inspired by biology

When it comes to autonomous mobility, today this term is still primarily associated with the self-driving automobile. Nevertheless, the autonomous mobility of small robots is increasingly becoming a key issue in numerous fields of application.

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