fortiss researchers in focus

fortiss researchers in focus

Lev monitors reliable driving functions.

Hello Lev. Can you give some insight into your work at fortiss?

I am currently working on an exciting project where I am collaborating with research institutions and large companies to make autonomous systems such as driver assistance systems safer. My focus is on developing advanced technologies and methods to improve the reliability and safety of these systems. An important part of my work is to share our research results with the research community. We regularly publish papers to keep other researchers up to date and to get valuable feedback. Exchanging ideas with other experts at conferences and workshops is also an integral part of my work at fortiss. Parallel to my current work on the project, I am also working on my Ph.D. proposal. This work allows me to delve deeper into my research topic and gain new insights. I am fortunate to be supported by a dedicated team of colleagues who support me in my academic progress and provide me with valuable feedback and suggestions.

What is your research focus?

My research focus is on the development of effective test procedures for autonomous and automated driving systems. In particular, I focus on technologies such as automatic collision avoidance and lane departure warning systems, which are playing an increasingly important role in the vehicle industry. A crucial aspect of my work is to investigate and further develop simulation-based test procedures. This involves testing a model of the driving system in a virtual simulation to simulate different scenarios and conditions. This allows us to analyse and optimise the behaviour of the system in a safe and controlled environment. The simulation-based test procedures offer several advantages. They provide comprehensive coverage of different traffic situations, including rarely occurring and dangerous events that would be difficult to reproduce in the real world. They also provide a cost-effective way to generate large amounts of test data and investigate the behaviour of the driving system under different conditions. My goal is to develop innovative test methods that enable the comprehensive testing of autonomous and automated driving systems and improve their safety and performance. By focusing on simulation-based approaches, I want to contribute to making the development and  validation of such systems more efficient and reliable.

What special success have you achieved over the past several months?

In the last few months, I have successfully focused on several aspects of my work. One of them was the further development of a tool in collaboration with my colleagues. We have been working hard to improve the tool and add new features to optimise the user experience and meet the needs of our research projects. It was an exciting and collaborative experience where I was able to develop my technical skills. In addition, it was important for me to write and submit research papers to relevant conferences. I worked closely with my team to present our research findings in written form and provide insight into our work to the research community. This required careful research, synthesising data and findings, and concisely articulating our findings. Writing research papers helped me improve my scientific writing skills and make my research findings accessible to a wider audience. Submitting our papers to conferences has been another success as it means our work is peer-reviewed and recognised. It was a great way to get feedback from other researchers, make new contacts and present our findings on an international stage. Attending conferences has also allowed me to keep up to date with the latest developments in my research area and gain valuable insights and inspiration for future projects.

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"I feel like a real architect, creating something new from simple building blocks. It's a kind of creative process where I can turn my ideas into code."

fortiss researcher Lev Sorokin

How long have you been programming and what do you find exciting about it?

I discovered my interest in computers when I was 12 years old. Even then, I was fascinated by the possibilities offered by computers and was curious to understand how they worked and how to control them. However, it was only during my studies that I was able to learn programming and further deepen my enthusiasm. When I write programmes, I feel like a real architect, creating something new from simple building blocks. It's a kind of creative process where I can turn my ideas into code. It gives me a sense of satisfaction when I break down a complex task into small, logical steps and then put those steps together to create a working programme. It's amazing how you can create something impressive and useful with a few lines of code. What fascinates me most about programming is that there are no limits. The possibilities are almost endless and I can use my creativity to the fullest to develop innovative solutions. Programming constantly challenges me and allows me to continuously improve my analytical and problem-solving skills. I also find it exciting how quickly the programming world evolves. New technologies and frameworks are constantly popping up and there is always something new to learn. This keeps me motivated and ensures that I can continuously develop.

How did you become aware of fortiss?

When I was looking for research institutes and opportunities to collaborate in the area of my interests, I came across the outstanding work and reputation of fortiss. The fortiss website of fortiss gave me a comprehensive insight into the research focus, projects and expertise of the institute. I was impressed by the wide range of research areas covered and the collaborations with renowned companies and research institutions. The information on the website piqued my interest and encouraged me to look into fortiss in more detail. In addition, I also visited the Technical University of Munich (TUM) website, as fortiss is closely linked to the university. There I found more information about fortiss' research activities and learned more about the collaboration between fortiss and the university. TUM's renowned reputation and commitment to cutting-edge research strengthened my interest in a possible collaboration with fortiss.

"The feeling of being part of a team that works together on big challenges is extremely motivating."

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What does the working environment at fortiss offer you?

I find the working environment at fortiss extremely positive. It offers a mixture of freedom and a clear framework for collaboration. What is special about fortiss is the atmosphere of openness and collaboration. Colleagues are friendly, approachable and always willing to share their knowledge and experience. This creates an inspiring work culture where ideas and innovations can flourish. The feeling of being part of a team that works together on big challenges is extremely motivating. Another aspect that I particularly appreciate is the freedom that fortiss offers. As a researcher, I have the opportunity to pursue my ideas and work on research projects that fascinate me. This flexibility allows me to be creative and develop new approaches to solutions. At the same time, however, a clear framework for collaboration is provided. This promotes coordination and exchange with other researchers, which allows us to work together on innovative solutions. In addition, the working environment at fortiss offers a wide range of resources and support. We have access to state-of-the-art technology, laboratories, and infrastructure that support us in our research projects. There is also the opportunity to attend conferences and events to exchange ideas with other professionals and gain the latest insights.

What are your colleagues like?

Working with my colleagues at fortiss is an enriching experience. One of the aspects I particularly appreciate is the diversity of international colleagues from different disciplines. This diversity of perspectives and backgrounds creates a dynamic and creative working environment. It allows us to think outside the box and develop innovative solutions. In addition, my colleagues stand out for their high level of competence. Every one of them brings impressive knowledge and expertise that they continuously expand and share. Colleagues are always willing to share their knowledge and experience, which contributes to an atmosphere of learning and growth. It is impressive to see how dedicated and professional they are in their tasks.

What drives you in your work?

The opportunity to advance my research is a great motivation for me. As a researcher, I strive to gain new insights, close existing knowledge gaps and develop innovative solutions. This aspiration and the opportunity to contribute to progress in my field drives me every da