Event CONASENSE 2023

CONASENSE Workshop 2023

6G communications, satellites and navigation, sensing and services

Following the successful conclusion of the 2022 event in Munich, this year's 13th CONASENSE Workshop will take place in Orlando, Florida in November 2023. The design of a sustainable 6G ecosystem and the interplay of connectivity, sensors, satellites, navigation and people-centric services will be a particular focus. The workshop is aimed at researchers and engineers specializing in 6G services, networks and Internet of Things (IoT), as well as interested students. The event provides an excellent platform for experts to present their techno-economic solutions and approaches. This year, it will be held in parallel with the IEEE International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications (WPMC) 2023.

To further drive the global development of 6G services, a number of 6G initiatives are being launched looking ahead to 2030. These include COmmunication, NAvigation, SENsing and SErvices (CONASENSE), an interdisciplinary 6G brainstorming and information platform that aims to systematically advance the development of emerging 6G digital services and trigger further developments for society. In this context, the definition of a sustainable 6G ecosystem requires a comprehensive discussion, for which experts from the fields of communication, sensor technology, human-centric, and sustainable services will come together at the CONASENSE workshop.

Technologically, the vision towards a sustainable 6G ecosystem is driven by the increased use of virtualization and software. This will support a high number of active devices while ensuring high adaptability. CONASENSE 2023 places its particular focus on the need to approach this adaptability from a holistic perspective. The workshop will therefore address research dedicated to a 6G paradigm that can only be enabled through the cooperation of the above-mentioned domains.

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    Dates and deadlines

    Workshop Date: 21.11.2023

    Full paper submission Deadline: 15.09.2023
    Acceptance Notification: 15.10.2023
    Camera-Ready Submission: 31.10.2023
    Paper submission via IEEE WPMC 2023 EDAS


    Orlando, Florida (USA)




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    Target group

    Researchers and engineers specializing in 6G services, networks and IoT, students

    Further information

    CONASENSE Workshop 2023

    CONASENSE-Steering Committee

    Ramjee Prasad, CGC, Universität Aarhus, Dänemark
    Rute C. Sofia, fortiss, Deutschland

    Publicity Chair/Treasurer

    Paulo Rufino, CGC, Universität Aarhus, Dänemark

    Chair Technical Programme Committee

    Eduardo Cerqueira, UFPA, Brasilien

    Topics of interest for CONASENSE 2023 include but are not limited to:


    • Unified architectural communications involving ground to spaceborne infrastructures
    • Quantum communications and their role and challenges in 6G
    • Sustainable and green Edge-Cloud architectures
    • Open vRAN architectures, covering the far Edge
    • AI-driven networking management
    • Semantic communications for supporting multiverse scenarios

    Satellites and Navigation

    • Orchestration across terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks
    • Joint sensing and localization
    • Routing for smart constellations


    • Joint sensing and communications
    • IoT communication and orchestration
    • Large-scale sensing scenarios challenges
    • AI-based sensing


    • Use-case experimentation for People-centric sustainable services relying on communications, sensing, satellites and navigation
    • Experimental frameworks, living labs, devising 6G design.
    • Sustainable design of services.
    Prof. Dr. Rute Sofia

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    Prof. Dr. Rute Sofia

    +49 89 3603522 170