Workshop data-driven process optimization: "Digitization potential discovered! - From recommended action to concrete action"


Data-driven process engineering

Digitization potential discovered! - The way from idea to concrete action

The course systematically introduces medium-sized companies from the manufacturing sector to data-driven process engineering. In an era of cross-company software systems and platform-based information architectures, it is particularly necessary to put the processes and the value creation model of the company back at the center of attention. Artificial intelligence and deep learning methods should be viewed as a means to an end, not a basic requirement. The course teaches companies the methods of data-driven process engineering and process analysis to master the challenges of digital transformation.


The objective is to present digitalization opportunities using application examples from industrial practice. Subsequently, a method construction kit is imparted, which can be used for problem analysis, solution structuring and planning of the approach. Applications of these methods are carried out interactively on a selective basis or demonstrated by way of example. The companies are actively involved so that individual solution approaches can be constructed. The goal of the course is not an implementation concept, but the planning of an approach and how effectively partners can be found for the implementation.

Course content

  • Intro and round of introductions
  • Impulse lecture "Potentials of the Digital Transformation".
  • Introduction to Information Engineering (IE)
  • Workshop: "IST analysis and problem identification" + discussion
  • Presentation of application example
  • Introduction to the IE method toolbox
  • Workshop: "TARGET planning and approach" + discussion
  • Conclusion


09:00 am to 16:30 pm


Überbetriebliches Bildungszentrum
in Ostbayern gemeinnützige GmbH
Raum: Schulungsraum Berlin
Paul-Engel-Straße 1
92729 Weiherhammer




800,00 Euro

Target group

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the manufacturing sector, preferably in metal and electronics processing (M+E).


fortiss Mittelstand
LUCE Foundation


Yannick Landeck, Research Associate in the area of Open Data and Information Management, fortiss

Further information

Workshop description as pdf


The workshop Data-driven process engineering: "Digitization potential discovered! - The way from idea to concrete action" (Date 18.10.2022) can be booked directly at the following link.

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