Creative Bureaucracy Festival

User-friendly forms are good - no forms are better!

fortiss is a program partner in the “Creative Bureaucracy Festival”, which will be held on September 20 and 21 in Berlin. The festival is an opportunity for citizens, public officials and researchers to share ideas and present innovations related to user-friendly government administrative services. The overall goal is drive the public sector towards service improvements and into the digital age.

The festival serves as a marketplace where those who are involved in the community can share creative ideas and introduce innovations. Developers, citizens, public service administration employees, educators, ministers, representatives of local companies and international organizations are all invited to help design a creative and user-friendly public sector administrative infrastructure.

fortiss will be present at the festival with a workshop titled “User-friendly Forms Are Good – No Forms Are Better!” The basic concept is in the full spirit of the festival: instead of placing forms online or trying to design them to be more user-friendly, government offices should strive to operate without forms, and act proactively and service-oriented in the future. The idea is to relieve citizens and companies, who then cease to be “helpers” in the future.

“During our workshop, participants will learn how public sector services are designed so that they function without help from citizens. We also provide tips and support first-hand, so that the participants can design administrative services without forms even during the workshop,” explains Peter Kuhn, a scientist at fortiss. The aim is to transfer research results into practical applications and acquire feedback from users in order to design or optimize digital tools for the community.

Further information about the program is available here.