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The Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Fake News and Deep Fakes

Most of us are meanwhile familiar with fake news. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning however, not only images but also video and sound can be manipulated so that these “deep fake” videos appear authentic. As a result, politicians end up making false statements or celebrities have their faces superimposed in pornographic videos – or so it seems.
fortiss Scientist Dr. Julian Wörmann
Scientist Dr. Julian Wörmann is a Machine Learning expert at fortiss.

fortiss machine learning expert Dr. Julian Wörmann will conduct a video presentation on Wednesday, February 17 at 6:00 pm on the topic “from fake news to deep fakes – artificial intelligence and the complete manipulation of video and sound.” During the event, organized by the BayernLab in Neumarkt i.d. Oberpfalz, the fortiss scientist will discuss the latest state of AI technology and outline ways to recognize fakes.

Fakes news and deep fakes are still concentrated in social media platform with manipulation quality that is frequently limited. “AI technologies are steadily improving. The more data users place on the internet, the more training material is available for artificial intelligence technologies,” predicts Dr. Wörmann.

In his presentation, Dr. Wörmann will also answer several questions: What consequences do these manipulations have in terms of the credibility of videos in a society that is so influenced by audio-visual content? What type of expertise is required to recognized manipulations? What type of solutions does the science community recommend to control artificial intelligence?

The video for the digital event can be directly viewed here. At the conclusion of the presentation, which is being offered at no charge, participants will have the chance to discuss these issues and pose questions to the presenters.


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