The digital energy twin for Bavaria: municipalities, counties and providers


The eTwin.BY project involves research into data-driven tools for our municipalities, counties and energy providers. The idea is to create and implement a scalable and sector-wide representation and evaluation of existing energy systems in a standardized platform. eTwin.BY fosters data-driven decision and planning processes and offers toolkits for digital energy planning and system optimization at the object level.

Project description

The goal of our eTwin.BY project is to conduct research into the application potential of a digital energy twin available across all Bavarian municipalities, cities and counties with a focus on digital planning for the energy industry.

The growing complexity of intelligent and distributed energy systems is placing new demands on planning and operations processes that are currently characterized by manual processes in many cases. Digital, data-driven planning processes, which integrate a high degree of modeling and optimization solutions, can make an important contribution in the future toward automating planning processes, developing economic solutions and taking into account existing, heterogeneous data foundations across the board for energy industry planning. This also results in improved speed and quality and a better understanding of the processes.

Research contribution

The digital energy twin is designed to use a detailed, virtual as-built model to represent, analyze and optimize technical/economic development paths for different spatial units. The application spectrum encompasses several facets of municipal energy planning in the sense of as-built analyses. These include building-specific 3D thermal and renovation cadastre, dynamic generator models, load profiles and grid information, in addition to time-resolved potential analyses such as simulated 3D solar potential analyses, determination of the potential of near-surface geothermal energy by means of hydrogeological 3D subsurface models, the analysis of grid expansion and grid optimization potential (district heating) or technically/economically optimized areal and district solutions.

The project will furthermore involve researching and testing various methods and tools, such as in the area of energy-related renovation with strengthened sector coupling (thermal pumps, photovoltaic, energy storage…), as well as support for the analysis and design of smart thermal grids.

Project duration

01.04.2021 - 31.01.2024

Dr. Markus Duchon

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Dr. Markus Duchon

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