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  • June 2024 Emergent Needs in Assuring Security-Relevant Compliance of Information Systems Tomas Bueno Momčilović and Dian Balta In EICC 2024: European Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Conference, pages 46–49, Xanthi, Greece, Association for Computing Machinery. Details DOI BIB


  • September 2023 6G visions for a sustainable and people-centric future - from communications to services, the CONASENSE perspective Rute C. Sofia and Ramjee Prasad volume . River Publishers, USA, , River Publishers, USA, August 2023 edition, September 2023. Details URL BIB
  • September 2023 Shaping the Future of IoT with Edge Intelligence - How Edge Computing Enables the Next Generation of IoT Applications Rute C. Sofia and John Soldatos volume . Book, River Publishers, USA, , Book, CONASENSE series edition, September 2023. Details URL BIB
  • August 2023 Dynamic, Context-Aware Cross-Layer Orchestration of Containerized Applications Rute C. Sofia, Doug Dykeman, Peter Urbanetz, Akram Galal and Dushyant Dave IEEE Access, ():, August 2023. Details URL DOI BIB



  • October 2021 A vision on Smart, Decentralised Edge Computing Research Directions Rute C. Sofia and John Soldatos EU-IoT white paper, ():, October 2021. Details URL BIB
  • October 2021 The Internet-of-Things Open Source Ecosystem in 2021 John Soldatos, Rute C. Sofia, Monique Calisti and Dariya Rublova White Paper Details URL BIB


  • November 2020 A Review on Scaling Mobile Sensing Platforms for Human Recognition: Challenges and Recommendations for Future Research Liliana I. Carvalho and Rute C. Sofia MDPI IoT, November 2020., ():, November 2020. Details URL DOI BIB
  • October 2020 A Discussion on Context-awareness to Better Support the IoT Cloud/Edge Continuum Daniel Maniglia da Silva and Rute C. Sofia IEEE Access, volume 8. DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2020.3032388, ():, October 2020. Details URL BIB