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Center for Code Excellence

The Center for Code Excellence (CCE) is the starting point for small-to-medium enterprises for the analysis, development and transfer of modern software development methods, techniques and processes.

Our aim is to make employees, in both development and technology and management, more aware of the importance of software quality, which can help to avoid higher software maintenance costs and simplify software testing, maintenance and expandability. With our services, we want to put companies in a position to develop excellent, sustainable and leading-edge software – in other words, to achieve code excellence.



The research activities of the CCE are transparent, design-oriented and empirical in nature. We concentrate on the quality and optimization aspects, as well as on the software engineering and software code level, including:

  • Software engineering for machine learning, such as version control, continuous delivery, processes
  • Testing and code analyses, such as predicting defects at an early stage
  • Agile practices for the development of hardware-related and reliable systems


Video interview "Software engineering is the key discipline in digitization" (Dr. Johannes Kroß, fortiss; Prof. Alexander Pretschner, fortiss and Technical University of Munich)- German
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