AutoFOCUS 3: Tooling Concepts for Seamless, Model-based Development of Embedded Systems

Vincent Aravantinos, Sebastian Voss, Sabine Teufl, Florian Hölzl and Bernhard Schätz

CEUR Workshop Proceedings, :19-26



This paper presents tooling concepts in AutoFOCUS 3 supporting the development of software-intensive embedded system design. AutoFOCUS 3 is a highly integrated model-based tool covering the complete development process from requirements elicitation, deployment, the modelling of the hardware platform to code generation. This is achieved thanks to precise static and dynamic semantics based on the FOCUS theory. Models are used for requirements, for the software architecture (SA), for the hardware platform and for relations between those different viewpoints: traces from requirements to the SA, refinements between SAs, and deployments of the SA to the platform. This holistic usage of models allows the provision of a wide range of analysis and synthesis techniques such as testing, model checking and deployment and scheduling generation. In this paper, we demonstrate how tooling concepts on different steps in the development process look like, based on these integrated models and implemented in AutoFOCUS 3.

subject terms: AutoFOCUS3, Seamless MBD, Model-Based Development, Embedded Systems, Tooling Concept, Tooling, model-based systems engineering, MbSE