Modeling and Development Process

Simon Barner, Franck Chauvel, Alexander Diewald, Fernando Eizaguirre, Oystein Haugen, Jörn Migge and Anatoly Vasilevskiy


August 2018 · doi: 10.1201/9781351117821-4


This chapter introduces the DREAMS metamodel and a model-driven development process ranging from variability exploration to configuration synthesis. The metamodel is described in Section 4.1 and is organized into a set of viewpoints, each of which represents one system aspect. The logical viewpoint is introduced in Section 4.2 and allows for the platform-independent description of applications. The technical viewpoint enables the hierarchical description of the architecture and services of the platform. The timing viewpoint is introduced in Section 4.3 to model timing requirements that must be satisfied in order to guarantee a correct and safe operation of the system. Safety management is another topic that is covered in Section 4.4 and is supported by a safety modeling viewpoint. The deployment and resource allocation viewpoints are addressed in Section 4.5 and link the application model with the platform model. Section 4.6 describes a configuration viewpoint and defines a model-driven process to generate deployable configuration artifacts for HW/SW target platform. Lastly, in Section 4.7 a variability viewpoint constitutes the basis of a product-line exploration process.

subject terms: AutoFOCUS3, methodology, tooling, model-based systems engineering, MbSE