EARS-CTRL:Building and Verifying Controllers for Dummies

Levi Lúcio, Salman Rahman, Saad bin Abid and Alistair Mavin

Tools and Demo Session track at MoDELS 2017, pp. 1–6

September 2017


In this paper we present the EARS-CTRL tool forsynthesizing and validating controller software for embeddedsystems. EARS-CTRL has as starting point requirements writtenin (English) natural language, more specifically in the EARS(Easy Approach to Requirements Syntax) language invented atRolls-Royce and currently in use at numerous organizationsaround the world. After expressing the requirements in English,the requirements engineer can produce the controller code atthe press of a button. EARS-CTRL then provides facilitiesfor validating the generated controller that allow step-by-stepsimulation or test-case generation using MATLAB Simulink.

subject terms:Software Controllers, Natural Language, CodeSynthesis, MathLab Simulink