Information-centric Routing for Opportunistic Wireless Networks - draft-mendes-icnrg-dabber-05

Paulo M. Mendes, Rute C. Sofia, Vassilis Tsaoussidis and Carlos Borrego

IETF Network Working Group draft, experimental,

September 2020


This draft describes the Data reAchaBility BasEd Routing (DABBER) protocol. DABBER aims to provide a name-based routing solution to support the operation of Information-centric Networking frameworks in opportunistic wireless networks. By "opportunistic wireless networks" it is meant multi-hop wireless networks where finding an end-to-end path between any pair of nodes at any moment in time may be a challenge. The goal is to assist in better defining opportunities for the transmission of Interest packets in a store-carry-and-forward manner, based on a proactive approach. The document describes how to integrate DABBER in a networking node that implements some ICN approach, such as Named-Data Networking (NDN) or Content Centric Networking (CCN), along with the specification of the proactive approach based on the dissemination of name-prefix information.

subject terms: ICN, NDN, routing, IIoT