Latest Advances on Deterministic on Deterministic Wired/Wireless Industrial Networks

Rute C. Sofia

August 2024 · doi: 10.1201/9781003515920-10


This chapter investigates the most recent advances in deterministic OFDMA- based Wi-Fi for industrial applications. It concentrates on techniques that provide deterministic support in industrial networks where Wi-Fi 6 is used as an additional technology to a deterministic wired core. It examines scenarios and traffic patterns that are expected to be supported and proposes enhance- ments to further support deterministic guarantees in a way that is compatible with the existing deterministic support in the wired core. Furthermore, the chapter introduces the network simulator v3 DetNetWiFi framework, which was developed based on a realistic deterministic wired/wireless demonstra- tor, and which can be used to validate and experiment on a wired/wireless infrastructure that incorporates novel mechanisms for time synchronization, time-aware scheduling, and multi-AP co-OFDMA resource coordination.

subject terms: IIoT, wireless, TSN, Wi-Fi6