Mobile Pervasive Augmented Reality Systems - MPARS The Role of User Preferences in the Perceived Quality of Experience in Outdoor Applications

Rui Pascoal, Ana de Almeida and Rute C. Sofia

ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, (Volume 20, Issue 1, Article 7)

February 2020 · doi: 10.1145/3375458


After presenting a brief evolution of augmented reality applications from mobile systems (MARS) into mobile pervasive augmented reality systems (MPARS), this work addresses the reasons and aspects required to boost acceptance and use of mobile pervasive augmented reality systems for outdoor applications. The need to develop context-aware close-to-real-time feedback mechanisms that take into consideration a continuous measurement of Quality of Experience is also discussed. For this purpose, we delve into how can user preferences be integrated in context-aware feedback systems and propose a theoretical model for measuring Quality of Experience in MPARS. The model is derived from an analysis of previous technology adoption models and incorporates the knowledge of user preferences extracted from data gathered from a public questionnaire deployment. The how and why can such a model be integrated into future MPARS solutions is also addressed, concerning in particular the systems applicability in the context of outdoor activities.

subject terms: IIoT, AR, ML, sensing, tactile Internet