Model-based Analysis and Specification of Functional Requirements and Tests for Complex Automotive Systems

Carsten Wiecher, Jannik Fischbach, Daniel Mendez, Constantin Mandel, Matthias Günther, Joel Greenyer, Carsten Wolff, Matthias Greinert, Roman Dumitrescu and Albert Albers

Systems Engineering,

2024 · doi:


The specification of requirements and tests are crucial activities in automotive development projects. However, due to the increasing complexity of automotive systems, practitioners fail to specify requirements and tests for distributed and evolving systems with complex interactions when following traditional development processes. To address this research gap, we propose a technique that starts with the early identification of validation concerns from a stakeholder perspective, which we use to systematically design tests that drive a scenario-based modeling and analysis of system requirements. To ensure complete and consistent requirements and test specifications in a form that is required in automotive development projects, we develop a Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) methodology. This methodology supports system architects and test designers in the collaborative application of our technique and in maintaining a central system model, in order to automatically derive the required specifications. We evaluate our methodology by applying it at KOSTAL (Tier1 supplier) and within student projects as part of the masters program Embedded Systems Engineering. Our study corroborates that our methodology is applicable and improves existing requirements and test specification processes by supporting the integrated and stakeholder-focused modeling of product and validation systems, where the early definition of stakeholder and validation concerns fosters a problem-oriented, iterative and test-driven requirements modeling.