Model-Based Specification of Timing Requirements

Christian Buckl, Irina Gaponova, Michael Geisinger, Alois Knoll and Edward A. Lee

Proceedings of the 10th ACM International Conference on Embedded Software (EMSOFT 2010), pp. 239–248

October 2010 · Scottsdale, Arizona, USA · Technische Universität München · doi: 10.1145/1879021.1879053


In the past, model-based development focused mainly on functional and structural aspects of thesystem to be developed. Recently, several approaches to include timing aspects have been suggested.However, these approaches focus predominantly on later development phases. Models specifyingthe requirements with respect to timing without focusing on a specific solution are missing.For example, few models allow the specification of the allowed jitter of a system.In this paper, we identify requirements that are necessary to express the desired timingbehavior of hard and soft real-time systems by analyzing different application domains.Based on these results, we evaluate existing approaches with respect to their suitabilityto model timing requirements and present an suitable approach. Finally, this paper describesthe application of the suggested approach in the context of an example from the automation domain.

subject terms: Automation, embedded, Model-based Development, multifunk, Real-Time Systems, Requirements Analysis, Survey, time, Timing Requirements

url: Buckl2010c.pdf