RACE: A Centralized Platform Computer Based Architecture for Automotive Applications

Stephan Sommer, Alexander Camek, Christian Buckl, Klaus Becker, Andreas Zirkler, Ludger Fiege, Michael Armbruster and Alois Knoll

Vehicular Electronics Conference (VEC) and the International Electric Vehicle Conference (IEVC) (VEC/IEVC 2013),

October 2013 · doi: 10.1109/IEVC.2013.6681152


In the last couple of years software functionality of modern cars increased dramatically. This growing functionality leads directly to a higher complexity of development and configuration. Current studies show that the amount of software will continue to grow. Additionally, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous functionality, such as highly and fully automated driving or parking, will be introduced. Many of these new functions require access to different communication domains within the car, which increases system complexity. AUTOSAR, the software architecture established as a standard in the automotive domain, provides no methodologies to reduce this kind of complexity and to master new challenges. One solution for these evolving systems is developed in the RACE project. Here, a centralized platform computer (CPC) is introduced, which is inspired by the well-established approach used in other domains like avionics and automation. The CPC establishes a generic safety-critical execution environment for applications, providing interfaces for test and verification as well as a reliable communication infrastructure to smart sensors and actuators. A centralized platform also significantly reduces the complexity of integration and verification of new applications, and enables the support for Plug&Play.

subject terms: embedded, RACE, Model-based Systems Engineering, MbSE