RMC Factory: A New Approach for Avionics Software Reuse

Laurent Dieudonne, Andreas Bayha and Benedikt Müller

3rd Workshop on Avionics Systems and Software Engineering (AvioSE21, SE 2021 Satellite Events),

February 2021


In contrast to many other industries, the reuse-rate of software in the avionics domain is very low. This situation originates mainly from the incomplete specifications for reuse in the avionics standards. In particular, these ones address almost exclusively the reuse of certified software previously developed for a specific project and consider only big monolithic executable components like complete applications or operating system modules. This paper describes a new approach enabling an efficient reuse of components from small up to big scale, specifically developed for reuse and conceived to fulfill the fundamentals DO-178C requirements while maximizing the reuse of certification artefacts. This presented approach combines methods, tool infrastructure and process extensions and we denote it as Reusable Modular Component (RMC) Factory. We also resent an implementation of the tool infrastructure and discuss our lessons learned from this mplementation and the first experiments.

subject terms: Model-based Systems Engineering, MbSE, Avionics, component, reuse, RMC, software factory, certification, process, tool chain

url: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2814/paper-A4-2.pdf