Software in the Manufacturing Industry: Emerging Security Challenge Areas for IIoT Platforms

Yannick Landeck, Dian Balta, Martin Wimmer and Christian Knierim

46th International Conference on Software Engineering: Software Engineering in Practice (ICSE-SEIP ’24),

April 2024 · doi:


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms connect services and computation resources to industrial devices. They increase flexibility, scalability, and provide a wider application portfolio for automated production. However, in a growing ecosystem of software suppliers, manufacturing companies are concerned whether the security of third-party software meets the requirements of the industry. In this paper, we analyse IIoT reference architecture components and corresponding stakeholders to draw implications on security. In particular, we identify four security challenge areas of IIoT platforms, show relations to existing research, and highlight directions for future work.

subject terms: Software Security, Manufacturing, IIoT Platforms, Assurance