White Paper IoT and Crisis Preparedness - AIOTI FG Buildings and Communities

Ana Pereira, Rita Santiago, Patricia Jimenez, Pietro Dionisio, Lazaros Karagiannidis, Evangelos Maltezos, Panagiotis Michalis, Dimitris Diagourtas, George Suciu, Monica Florea, Asbjorn Hovsto, Flemming Sven, Tonny Velin, Dolores Ordonez, Karoline Krenn, Roman Vanhee, Rute C. Sofia, Rouman Nikolov, Amelie Gyrard, Gabriel Petrescu and Mario Drobics

AIOTI white paper,

June 2023 · doi: 10.13140/RG.2.2.31644.26244


The main objective of this vision paper is to identify the steps to be followed to develop societal resilience towards short-term and long-term risks. The purpose is to showcase the best practices and insights needed to (1) SENSE, (2) RESPOND, (3) DEFEND, and (4) RECOVER within the IoT domain by involving all key stakeholders of this value chain. According to the World Health Organization1, the emergency cycle is divided into four different phases: (1) Prevent; (2) Prepare; (3) Respond, and (4) Recover. Hence, this whitepaper aims to cover the four phases of emergency management as an integrated overview of four different fields of threats: 1. Pandemics and other Health-related threats, 2. Natural Disasters, 3. Cyber Attacks, and 4. Attacks on Public Spaces.

subject terms: IIoT, IoT, Smart Communities, Health, sensing

url: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/372288368_White_Paper_IoT_and_Crisis_Preparedness_-_AIOTI_FG_Buildings_and_Communities