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Scientific publications

Keywords: AutoFOCUS3

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  • September 2012 Binding requirements and component architecture by using model-based test-driven development Dongyue Mou and Daniel Ratiu In 2012 First IEEE International Workshop on the Twin Peaks of Requirements and Architecture (TwinPeaks), pages 27–30, Details DOI BIB
  • March 2012 Reusing Test-Cases on Different Levels of Abstraction in a Model Based Development Tool Jan Olaf Blech, Dongyue Mou and Daniel Ratiu In Proceedings 7th Workshop on Model-Based Testing (MBT), pages 13–27, Tallinn, Estonia, Details DOI BIB
  • February 2012 Scheduling shared memory multicore architectures in AutoFOCUS3 using Satisfiability Modulo Theories Sebastian Voss and Bernhard Schätz In Tagungsband - Dagstuhl-Workshop MBEES: Modellbasierte Entwicklung eingebetteter Systeme VIII, MBEES 2012, Details URL BIB


  • February 2011 A Refined Top-Down Methodology for the Development of Automotive Software Systems - The Keyless Entry-System Case Study Martin Feilkas, Florian Hölzl, Christian Pfaller, Sabine Rittmann, Bernhard Schätz, Wolfgang Schwitzer, Wassiou Sitou, Maria Spichkova and David Trachtenherz Details URL BIB
  • 2011 User-friendly Model Checking Integration in Model-based Development Alarico Campetelli, Florian Hölzl and Florian Neubeck In Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Computer Applications in Industry and Engineering, Details BIB


  • November 2010 AutoFocus Tool Chain Florian Hölzl, Maria Spichkova and David Trachtenherz TUM-I1021, Details URL BIB
  • 2010 AutoFOCUS3 - A Scientific Tool Prototype for Model-Based Development of Component-Based, Reactive, Distributed Systems Florian Hölzl and Martin Feilkas In Model-Based Engineering of Embedded Real-Time Systems, volume 6100 of LNCS, . Springer, Berlin Heidelberg, Details DOI BIB
  • 2010 Seamless Model-Based Development: From Isolated Tools to Integrated Model Engineering Environments Manfred Broy, Martin Feilkas, Markus Herrmannsdörfer, Stefano Merenda and Daniel Ratiu Proceedings of the IEEE, 98():526 - 545, 2010. Details DOI BIB