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Applications of learning algorithms for predictive maintenance

fortiss AI tutorial predictive maintenance

Failure prediction is an important topic of predictive maintenance in many industries. It has the potential to increase the reliability of a machine in operation or to keep the costs incurred low.

fortiss wants to make the topic of AI tangible for companies in this area and has developed the AI-Tutorial Predictive Maintenance (in German) as part of the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrums Augsburg. It demonstrates the applications of learning algorithms for predictive maintenance and prevention of a technical failure using the example of an engine.

The tutorial offers companies the opportunity to educate themselves independently and learn about different AI areas. Due to the online format and thanks to a detailed explanation, the online tutorial can be worked on at one's own pace.


  • Overview of the AI landscape
  • Application areas for AI
  • Ideas for using AI in the enterprise

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