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Smart Energy Systems Simulation Framework

SESSIM Framework

The SESSIM framework is a co-simulation environment. With SESSIM we implement future energy scenarios to investigate and support the planning of energy-systems, such as urban planners or building planners. The framework allows technical solid extensions in order to integrate measurement and control systems using interfaces such as REST, OPC UA and others. This enables to start with simulation and create a holistic platform for energy applications step-by-step.

The SESSIM framework acts as a software environment to analyse applications in the energy sector based on several research projects. It is used to operationalize optimisation methods with common EMS interfaces or higher-level energy management systems. The aim of the software is to develop fast, platform-capable prototypes. The software allows us to combine new solutions with well-established and tested products to develop sustainable and reliable solutions for our partners and for us as an academic research institute.


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    Research contribution

    Our research mission with SESSIM:

    • Development and validation of various optimisation methods and AI solutions as a software at EMS level for generators, storage, consumers, prosumers across multiple sectors (sector coupling).
    • Development and validation of aggregation solutions for a local energy exchange on building or neighbourhood areas that also enable energy services for external stakeholders
    • Integration and connection of storage, demand response and local generation units in EMS via suitable interfaces and software architectures
    • Development of an open planning tool with connections to BIM solutions for energy planning and simulations of micro-grids, several buildings or production facilities
    • Analysis and evaluation of benefits (energy, ecological or economic) of a sector-coupled neighbourhood, including profitability and return on invest calculations.
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