ML semantic matchmaking between IoT things and IoT services


The main goal of TSMatch is to automate the data exchange between IoT data sources and services, while satisfying the service needs. For that, TSMatch considers a ML-based semantic matchmaking approach.

Following a client-server approach, TSMatch comprises a server-side, the TSMatch engine, and a TSMatch client.

The TSMatch Engine: is composed of 2 main functional blocks and several interfaces:

  • Semantic Matchmaking: Performs semantic matchmaking between IoT Things descriptions (stored on a database) and Ontologies. The result is a set of enriched data nodes, which are also stored in a database.
  • Data aggregation: Sensor data aggregator.
  • Ontology interface: Provides support for ontologies to be imported into TSMatch.
  • Connectors: Different connectors, e.g., Mosquitto to RabbitMQ; HTTP/REST, etc.
  • External Service Interface: Interface based on OpenAPI to interconnect to an external service registry.

The TSMatch client provides you with the Android client (source and binary).

Full information on how TSMatch works and its components is available in the TSMatch Technical Report.

Information on the ML-based semantic matchmaking is available here.


All available downloads can be found at TSMatch.


The documentation can be accessed at TSMatch/documentation.

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