fortiss Mittelstand

fortiss Mittelstand

Information events

[Translate to English:] fortiss Mittelstand Infoveranstaltungen

Our information events covering current trends in digitalization and AI are designed to help you understand how these technologies can be implemented in your company.

Together with our partners such as the chambers of commerce and industry (IHK), the Bavarian Center for Digitalization (ZD.B) and the SME 4.0 Center of Competence in Augsburg, we bring science and industry together from across in an effort to share the results of current developments and trends with companies. Our experts demonstrate digitalization solutions for SMEs and how to implement them. You also have the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops, giving you the ability to better assess the potential of leading-edge software and AI technologies.

Areas of focus

At our seminars you will enjoy exclusive insights into the current status of software engineering. We present the latest findings from the areas of software development, implementation and project management. Our employees report on current research and industry projects and illustrate the advantages and benefits of individual software solutions using numerous demonstrators. You also have the opportunity to participate in small workshops and hands-on sessions and thus experience the potential of leading-edge software for yourself. This allows you to better assess these technologies and learn how to avoid mistakes on your path to digitalization. Our seminars furthermore offer an excellent chance to discuss the current challenges facing your company with our experts.