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Funding opportunities

Are you striving to develop innovative and digital processes, products or services but lack the necessary personnel or technical resources?

In this case we gladly serve as your research partner! You understand the requirements of the software. We know how to implement them. Together, we define and realize your project.

Your benefits

  • A competent and reliable research partner with years of experience in state-of-the-art research in the field of software and AI.
  • Expert support during the realization of your project through publicly-financed programs.
  • Independent technical expertise through our qualified scientists.
  • Personal support through a dedicated point of contact during all phases of the project.
Wolfgang Köhler, fortiss

Dr. Wolfgang Köhler
Head of fortiss Mittelstand

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Funding at a glance

You can find information and an overview of government funding programs in the funding database operated by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. 

The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy also offers a wide range of funding opportunities for various target groups and industries. In addition, the European Union offers numerous funding opportunities that can be discovered through the EURAXESS search portal. Tenders sorted by topic can be identified via the Funding Platform. A current overview of active open calls within the framework of Horizon 2020 is available via the European Commission Funding & Tender Opportunities portal.

Thanks to our years of experience in the area of alliance research, we are in a position to support you and your company with your funded research project.

Special funding programs for small-to-medium enterprises

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Funding volume for SMEs: No restrictions

Funding level for SMEs: Up to 50 %

Application timeframe: Two deadlines
(April 15 and October 15)

Required fields of research: Bio-economy, electronics and autonomous driving, super computing, research into public safety, medical technology, information and communications technologies, interactive technologies for health and quality of life, materials research, photonics and quantum technologies, production technologies, resource efficiency and climate protection, human-technology interaction

Focal points: Excellence and degree of innovation, high degree of research and high utility opportunities

Project language: German

More information: KMU-innovativ

Open Calls - Project-related EU funding for SMEs

Funding volume for SMEs: Vary

Funding level for SMEs: Vary

Application timeframe: New open calls are announced on an on-going basis

Required fields of research: No set fields; defined by the respective project
Focal points: Innovative technical solutions

Language: English

More information: EU Funding & Tenders Portal

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

Funding volume for SMEs: 15 million €

Funding level for SMEs: 25 - 50 % (higher in individual cases)

Application timeframe: Any time

Required fields of research: Explainable AI, the latest communication technology, IT security technology, data technologies, quantum computing software and usage concepts, digital production, digital sustainability, eco systems and other applications

Focal points: Technologies, applications and eco systems; innovative content and originality of the solution approach; technical feasibility

Language: German

More information: Funding program Development of digital technologies "Entwicklung digitaler Technologien" (Bundesanzeiger - german)


Bavarian R&D funding program for information and communications technologies (STMWi)

Funding volume for SMEs: Dependent on the individual open call

Funding level for SMEs: Up to 50 %

Application timeframe: Dependent on the individual open call

Required fields of research: Hardware and software engineering, data and knowledge management, human-machine communications, real-time systems, embedded systems, data networks for intelligent infrastructures (energy, mobility…), automation and intelligent production, communications networks, technical IT services, IT security, cross-sectional topics such as reliability, robustness, quality assurance processes, quantum technology etc.

Focal points: Execution associated with significant technical and economic risks, high degree of innovation, implementation and realization in Bavaria

Project language: German

More information: Iuk Bayern

Central innovation program for SMEs (BMWi)

Funding volume for SMEs: Max. 450,000 €

Funding level for SMEs: 30 – 55 %

Application timeframe: Any time

Required fields of research: No requirements

Focal points: Challenging, market-oriented R&D projects with a high degree of innovation and solid market chances

Language: German

More information: ZIM
Whitepaper Open Calls
Open Calls - Funding for SMEs made easy
Download pdf - german

Research allowance

In Germany, research and development expenses are tax deductable as of 2020 within the framework of the so-called research allowance. “The goal is to strengthen the innovation environment in Germany and stimulate research activity within small-to-medium enterprises in particular.” Further information is available Research Grant Certification Center (BSFZ).

  • All companies are eligible to apply, regardless of their size
  • Funding of all topics from research to product and process development
  • Funding independent of project start (completed, ongoing, future projects)
  • Funding of actual instead of planned costs

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The research allowance simply explained