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Improve your employee’s skills when it comes to key digitalization and artificial intelligence technologies. After all, this is one of the most important prerequisites for the successful utilization of high-quality software.

In introductory training courses we give you an overview of the basic terminology and concepts from the fields of digitalization and artificial intelligence (AI). We explain the current developments and methods and show you what new software


As part of our services, fortiss organizes SME training and education programs that delve deeply into a specific research topic highly relevant to the SME sector. These events, plus the respective content, are organized and carried out by the corresponding field of research within fortiss.

  • Machine learning training camp
  • Software excellence workshop
  • Industrial IoT workshop – a hands-on introduction

Through a series of training sessions and seminars we convey specific methods and in-depth knowledge regarding digitalization technologies and tools by focusing on those topics most relevant to companies. With a mix of theory and practice, you will be well-equipped to manage the digital transformation.

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