fortiss researchers in focus

fortiss researchers in focus

Tarik fights for flexible production.

Hello Tarik. Can you give some insight into your work at fortiss?

I have been working as a researcher in the competence field of Model-based Systems Engineering (MbSE) for several years now. Throughout my time at fortiss, I have been involved with research projects in the context of Industry 4.0. In particular, in the BaSys4 research projects, I deal with how to optimize software solutions in industrial automation and make them more flexible. Currently, I am the project manager of the BaSys4 Transfer research project at fortiss, which is my first responsibility in this role. I am proud and excited to have this opportunity. In addition to my work at fortiss, I am also working on my Ph.D. in Computer Science at Johannes Kepler University Linz.

What is your research focus?

My research focus is on the optimization of software architectures with a particular focus on Industry 4.0 and flexible production. My goal is to reduce the engineering effort for software architecture decisions while improving various quality attributes such as production performance, reconfigurability, and reliability. Through my research, I help companies remain competitive in the Industry 4.0 era and flexibly adapt their production to meet market demands.

What special success have you achieved over the past several months?

In the last few months, I have been able to focus on two important tasks that I have done particularly well. First, I wrote a scientific paper on our BaSys4 Transfer research project and my Ph.D. thesis and submitted it to an important conference. I am very confident that the paper will be accepted and that I can use it to further my work in this research area. Secondly, I had the opportunity to supervise a student on his master's thesis. This experience gave me a lot of pleasure, as I was able to share my experience and knowledge and contribute to the student's successful completion of his thesis.

How long have you been programming?

I started programming many years ago during my high school years in Sarajevo and since then it has become an important part of my daily life. What fascinates me most about this field is the combination of mathematics, logic, and technology. It also gives me a lot of freedom to realize my ideas and see them become reality. In particular, I'm interested in embedded software development, which is why I also studied electrical engineering. I enjoy programming in languages like C/C++, Python, and Java and find it exciting to explore the latest technologies and see how they can improve everyday life.

How did fortiss come to your attention?

I became aware of fortiss when I discovered a job advertisement for the BaSys 4.0 project on the internet. At that time, I was looking for an opportunity to advance my career as a researcher and pursue my passion for research and continuous learning. Another motivation to apply to fortiss was my wife, who encouraged me to pursue a Ph.D. In the meantime, I have been working in the MbSE team at fortiss for six years and am proud to work on research projects in the context of Industry 4.0.

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"The working environment at fortiss is extremely pleasant and enriching. I appreciate the relaxed atmosphere, the freedom I am offered here, and the great potential for further development."

fortiss researcher Tarik

What does the work environment at fortiss offer you?

The working environment at fortiss is extremely pleasant and enriching. I appreciate the relaxed atmosphere, the freedom I am offered here, and the great potential for further development. In particular, the opportunity to contribute my own ideas and develop innovative solutions in collaboration with colleagues is very valuable to me. I also love our offices and the great location. I especially appreciate the opportunity to work in a two-person office instead of an open-plan office, which gives me a lot of peace and concentration at work.

What are your colleagues like?

My colleagues are not only relaxed and fun, but also always ready to support each other. When it comes to software development problems, such as a bug with the AutoFocus3 open-source tool, you can count on them to help you quickly and competently. Even before important appearances, such as a dress rehearsal before a conference talk or a Ph.D. lecture, they are always there to give you advice and constructive feedback. In addition, we meet once a month for the MbSE regulars' table to exchange ideas about our projects and learn from each other. We also enjoy taking part in sporting activities such as the B2Run as a team.

What motivates you with your work?

As a researcher, I am mainly driven by my fascination for the subject of my Ph.D. and research projects. I work in a field that is of great importance to the industry and I see enormous potential for innovation and improvement. I believe that my work offers relevant solutions for the industry and I am very motivated to apply my findings in practice.
Another important motivation for me is the opportunity to promote and realize industry projects. I want to use my expertise to help companies optimize their processes and systems with a focus on flexibility and adaptability. I am convinced that my research can contribute to making the previously less flexible domain of industrial automation more flexible in the future.

"I want to help software architects make informed decisions based on scientific knowledge."

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What is your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge for me in Ph.D. life is certainly dealing with the many ups and downs that come with it. It can be disappointing when a paper is rejected at a conference. But I try to see these setbacks as an incentive to achieve even better goals and continuously improve. What keeps me motivated is my passion for my research and the pursuit of new knowledge. Collaborating with other researchers is also an important source of motivation for me. It is inspiring to work with other experts in the field and to support each other.

What is your vision?

My vision is that my research results provide real added value for companies and researchers around the world. I want to help software architects make informed decisions based on scientific knowledge. In doing so, my research results and the associated open-source software should help to reduce development time and costs for companies. One of my central visions is that my research results will help to make software development a more sustainable and efficient industry because my research results and the associated open-source software can be used in many industries to improve the quality, reliability, and efficiency of software products.

What advantages of working at fortiss would you point out to applicants? What advice can you give fortiss applicants?

A big advantage of fortiss is the opportunity to work on very exciting and current research topics. In addition, fortiss often offers employees a lot of freedom and flexibility to shape their everyday working life according to their ideas. This is not always the case in industry and contributes to feeling comfortable at work and staying motivated. As a tip for applicants at fortiss, I can say that it is important to bring along interest and passion for the respective research topic. The ability to work independently and on your own responsibility is also an advantage in this environment. In addition, you should be willing to engage with new topics and constantly develop yourself. Another advantage of fortiss is the very nice offices in a great location, for example near the Central University Sports Centre of the Technical University of Munich in the Olympic Park. This creates a pleasant working atmosphere and allows employees to benefit from the surrounding sports and recreation facilities in their free time as well.