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Software Development for Automotive

Would you like to deepen your expertise in software development and automotive software? Then our TASTE webinar series is the right place for you! We offer you the unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and gain insights into current topics in the industry.

Whether you already have experience in automotive software development or are just entering the field of automotive software engineering, this webinar will provide an overview of various software development activities for anyone interested in the future of automotive software development.

Software is playing an increasingly essential role in the modern automotive industry. The kick-off event of our webinar series discusses the development process of software components in three concise keynote presentations. After a brief introduction to the topic of automotive software engineering, the first presentation addresses the importance of requirements engineering as part of qualitative software development with a focus on compliance. In the second presentation, the role of model-based engineering in dealing with the growing complexity of automotive systems will be highlighted. Finally, the focus is on functional quality. Here, it will be explained how to ensure that software components work efficiently, safely and reliably.

This year, the TASTE consortium presents a total of four high-profile webinars hosted by renowned institutes. The webinar series will kick off on October 13, 2023, with fortiss as virtual host.

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The following topics will be in focus:

  • Keynote lecture 1
    Compliance and requirements engineering in automotive software
    Learn how to optimize compliance and requirements engineering in automotive software development.
    Oleksandr Kosenkov, Field of competence Requirements Engineering
  • Keynote lecture 2
    Model-based engineering in automotive systems
    Dive into the world of the model-based approach and its application in automotive software development.
    Simon Barner, Field of competence Model-based Systems Engineering
  • Keynote lecture 3
    Functional quality in automotive software components
    Discover how to ensure the functional quality of software components in the automotive industry.
    Peter Bludau, Center for Code Excellence

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Engineers from the automotive sector


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