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AI – long-term growth factor for the Upper Palatinate region

The Upper Palatinate is one of Bavaria’s best-performing regions and thus occupies a top economic position. Contributing to this is a growing gross domestic product, low unemployment and close economic ties with the neighboring Czech Republic. The strong backbone of this positive development is local small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), which use their distinctive innovation strength to help create value in the region.

Intelligent technologies for a growth region

In order to continue this positive trend in the region, intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) are increasingly playing a central role. More than just fleeting hype, AI is an issue that is increasingly impacting the day-to-day activities of large global companies. Employing innovative processes during product development or production is of growing importance to SMEs as well.

Growing numbers of SMEs are recognizing that digitalization creates new economic opportunities given that digital technologies enable new business models, intelligent work and production processes, effective customer acquisition and better networking with business partners. Digital expertise and digitally-trained employees are thus a decisive factor for business success.

Although the opportunities are evident, SMEs often lack the required time and personnel resources to keep track of the issue of digitalization within the company or learn about available technology funding programs.

Feasible and profitable AI implementation

How can AI be integrated into the company in a targeted fashion? How does employing AI in an SME environment work at a detail level? Which methods or processes have already been proven to be effective in practice? These and other questions will be answered at the network event “Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence Best Practices for SMEs”, which will be held on October 13, 2021 in the Upper Palatinate community of Weiherhammer.

The organizers – the Lars and Christian Engel Foundation (LUCE), the Inter-company Training Center in Eastern Bavaria (ÜZBO), the Institute for Systematic Management and Organization ISMO GmbH and fortiss – will also use the event to introduce themselves as a personal point of contact for companies looking to introduce AI within their organizations. The partners want to help regional companies identify the need to act and provide food for thought for the implementation, regardless to what extent digitalization has progressed in the organization. Using concrete application examples, the free networking event will inspire thoughts on how AI and digitalization projects can be implemented for SMEs in a practical and profitable manner.

Focal points of the presentations include connected production environments illustrated by IIoT application scenarios, design thinking approaches for AI/digitalization roadmaps and process digitalization. The conference is furthermore designed to encourage the participants to share experiences with one another.

Corona restrictions will unfortunately keep us from welcoming all participants in person at the event location. However, we still want the opportunity for personal discussions. With this in mind, the conference will be held as a hybrid event. That means you decide whether you would like to attend in person at the Future Lab in Weiherhammer or participate digitally.


You can find further information for the network event "Best Practices: Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence for SMEs"using the following Link.

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