The perfect match – SMUs and AI

Digitalization poses major challenges for the entire small-to-medium (SME) enterprise sector. One of the decisive drivers for successful implementation will be the leading-edge area of artificial intelligence (AI). With its “National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence”, the German government wants to secure and expand Germany’s leading position in the field of AI. The associated funding program KI4KMU – research, development and utilization of AI methods in small-to-medium enterprises – specifically targets this sector.

Ideal starting point for the digital transformation

As the engine that drives the Germany economy, the SME sector is in the best position to respond quickly to technical developments and market potential and turn research results into specific new products, processes or services. For this reason KI4KMU is focused in particular on small-to-medium-sized technology companies that want to expand their capability to innovate through top research activities in the area of AI. The German Federal Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF) wants to focus the program on alliance projects that strengthen and intensify collaboration between the SME sector and science.

The objective of the funding program is to support high-risk industrial research and pre-competitive SMU research projects in Germany in the field of AI, which could be not completed without funding or could only be executed with significant delays. Ultimately the goal is to strengthen significantly more SMEs, particularly in the field of information and communications, in terms of the accelerated transfer of technology from the pre-competitive area to practical application.


Interested in the issue of artificial intelligence for SMEs?

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