AI Annual Report 2020

Ready for the next generation of artificial intelligence

Where does research into the development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) stand today? What opportunities and challenges does AI present for industry and society? The AI Engineering @ fortiss 2020 Annual Report provides an up-to-date answer to these and other questions. In the report, you will find a comprehensive overview of the current AI research activities at fortiss, the research institute of the Free State of Bavaria for software-intensive systems and services

All roads lead to AI

Software-intensive systems are playing an increasingly important role in many areas of modern life, such as transportation, manufacturing, aerospace and health care. However, many applications first develop their full potential in conjunction with AI-based software. Equipped with a wealth of AI technologies, today we’re in a position to deliver a response to these developments and build high-performance AI systems. These include surgical robots, swarm-intelligent drone systems or decentralized controls for intelligent service infrastructures.

Despite technological advances such as high-performance hardware and large volumes of available data that have led to the spread of AI-based solutions, questions remain regarding the extent to which we can place our trust in AI systems. Here the institute is working hard on a consistent approach to the manageable development and operation of AI-based systems in which humans can ultimately trust.

The challenge: AI engineering

To date we have lacked established methods, processes and tools for developing trustworthy AI systems. This fundamental challenge represents the foundation of AI engineering. This emerging field of science is a core fortiss expertise, which aims to develop tailored methods, processes and tools for the manageable development of AI-based software systems and thus enable and simplify successful application in daily life. With this in mind, the report also outlines the important issues that AI research activities must address in terms of the application of the technology. Dr. Harald Rueß, Scientific Director at fortiss, is convinced of one thing: “The fortiss research activities are enabling a new generation of AI-based and increasingly autonomously-reacting software systems that can also be used and managed in mission-critical scenarios.”

The AI Engineering @ fortiss Annual Report 2020 provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of AI research at the research Institute of the Free State of Bavaria for software-intensive systems. The fortiss scientists explain their various perspectives of AI by offering deeper insights into a wide range of ongoing research projects. In summary, the report makes it clear that Bavaria is assuming a leading worldwide role in research into the manageable development of AI-based software, thus giving Bavarian industry a head start in the development of the next generation of AI-based products and services.


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