Dr. Harald Rueß receives internationally-renowned CAV award

Dr. Harald Rueß, Scientific Managing Director at fortiss, was honored by the international scientific community with the CAV award in Los Angeles. In the wake of the “Satisfiability Revolution”, together with his colleagues at the Stanford Research Institute Dr. Rueß developed important contributions to the theory and practice of algorithms for solving practical underclasses of Hilbert’s decision problem from 1928.

This pioneering development in theory and practice, known in industry jargon as “satisfiability modulo theories“ (SMT), forms the basis for a new generation of computer-aided “problem solvers” with a wealth of practical applications. The fields of application include hardware and software development, network security and automated exploit generation, finance mathematics, synthetic biology for molecule synthesis, as well as computer-aided medication development based on the analysis of biological effect chains. In light of the numerous applications, SMT is also described as the Swiss army knife of informatics for computer-aided problem solving.

The CAV award is one the most important scientific prizes in the field of informatics and is handed out each year during the International Conference on Computer-Aided Verification (CAV) in recognition of significant contributions to the field of computer-aided verification. The previous recipients of the CAV award are all top international researchers from renowned research institutes. This year’s award is a very special recognition because it’s going to Germany for the first time.

The award ceremonies, which could be not be held in person due to the pandemic, will take place in Haifa, Israel in the summer of 2022 as part of the Federated Logic Conferences

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