Allgäu: model region for digital tourism services

Allgäu: model region for digital tourism services Bavaria’s Allgäu region will be the first to benefit from applications created through the new BayernCloud. The software-based IT platform, developed under the leadership of fortiss, will be used to provide small- and medium-size Bavarian tourism companies with digital solutions. The participants hope that the BayernCloud will allow them to develop new, innovative services and improve the quality of service through networked data flows.

Allgäu will be the first model region in Bavaria to utilize the BayernCloud for digital services for the tourism industry. Today, Franz Josef Pschierer, Bavaria’s Minister for Economic Affairs, handed over the grant notification for phase II of the BayernCloud, a scalable, software-based IT platform built by fortiss, which features interfaces for various applications.

The flexibly designed system utilizes open source technologies, an approach that the researchers at fortiss are using to illustrate which elements and systems are essential for the long-term development and operation of platform ecosystems.


New Applications

The platform offers participants the opportunity to furnish and exchange information or resources, such as consolidating data related to events, hiking trails, lake temperatures, public transportation or weather information, operating schedules for mountain railways, opening times for alpine huts or even reports for winter sport enthusiasts. This information can be centrally retrieved from the BayernCloud and processed further by start-ups to create new applications.

The BayernCloud research project is being funded by a €2.1 million grant from the State of Bavaria. Participants in the three-year project include Allgäu GmbH and the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten.