MoDELS 2019 Specialist Conference

Using models to develop complex software systems

fortiss is host and organiser of the "MoDELS 2019" specialist conference and invites scientists and industry representatives to Munich from 15 to 20 September 2019. The focus is on current research results regarding "model-based engineering". The world's largest specialist conference offers participants from industry and academia a discussion forum to address the ways in which complex software systems can be mastered.

MoDELS stands for "Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems", as models are the tool of choice when it comes to developing increasingly complex software systems. They depict abstractions of reality and focus on specific problems. For example, models make it easier to create and optimise traffic plans. But they also simplify the development of cars and airplanes.

"For manufacturers of technical systems, model-based engineering has the advantage of being more cost-efficient and safer. With this approach, they increase not just the quality of their products but also their productivity", explains Sebastian Voss, manager of the "Model-based Systems Engineering" competence field at fortiss.

MoDELS 2019 will focus on challenges such as the development of safety-critical and complex technical systems for industry. The following areas will be under the spotlight:

  • Analysis/verification of systems or models
  • Synthesis and optimisation of systems
  • Modelling in an artificial intelligence context
  • Transformation of models

In order to promote the exchange between research and application, "industry days" (programme) will be held during the conference on 17 and 18 September 2019. For industry representatives, the organisers offer flexible rates.

When: 15.-20.09.2019
Where: Holiday Inn Munich, Hochstraße 3, 81669 Munich, Germany

Details on registration and costs as well as further information can be found here.