Architecture Exploration Service

Architecture Exploration Service

Cloud-based exploration service for automotive architectures

Architecture Exploration Service

The project develops a cloud-based exploration service for automotive architectures. With this, practitioners may leverage the automated exploration of architecture in distributed development workflows.

Project description

In the automotive domain, innovative functions such as driver assistance systems or automated driving functions are realized mainly in software. This poses an enormous challenge since the functionality and the corresponding software/hardware architecture are closely coupled with non-functional characteristics such as cost, weight, and energy needs, as well as safety requirements.

Because suboptimal architecture decisions can have costly consequences, previous research resulted in automatic exploration methods based on model-based engineering and formal methods. Yet, scalability issues due to the inherent complexity of the architecture exploration problem, and organizational challenges such as tool deployment and collaboration of the involved stakeholders hinder the industrial adoption of available tools.

Research contribution

The project develops a cloud-based exploration service for automotive architectures to address these challenges. fortiss collaborates with its spin-off qwitto GmbH in order to further transfer research results on the automatic exploration of architectures for industrial adoption This is carried out in cooperation with Continental AG.


Contracted by qwitto GmbH in collaboration with Continental AG.

Project duration

01.11.2022 - 31.08.2023

 Simon Barner

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Simon Barner

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