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Scientific publications

Keywords: brain simulation

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  • May 2019Running Large-Scale Simulations on the Neurorobotics Platform to Understand Vision – The Case of Visual CrowdingAlban Bornet, Jacques Kaiser, Alexander Kroner, Egidio Falotico, Alessandro Ambrosano, Kepa Cantero, Michael Herzog and Gregory FrancisFrontiers in Neurorobotics, ():, May 2019. DetailsURLPDFDOIBIB
  • March 2019Body Randomization Reduces the Sim-to-Real Gap for Compliant Quadruped LocomotionAlexander Vandersompele, Gabriel Urbain, Hossain Mahmud, Francis Wyffels and Joni DambreFrontiers in Neurorobotics, ():, March 2019. DetailsURLPDFDOIBIB
  • March 2019The Collaborative Virtual Reality Neurorobotics LabTim Weissker, Emmanouil Angelidis, Alexander Kulik, Stephan Beck, Andre Kunert, Anton Frolov, Sandro Weber, Adrian Kreskowski and Bernd Froehlich In Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (VR), pages 1671–1674, Osaka, Japan, DetailsPDFDOIBIB