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Scientific publications

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  • June 2021 Neural Network and Correlation based Earth-Fault Localization utilizing a Digital Twin of a Medium-Voltage Grid Julian Wörmann, Melanie Urban, David Grubinger, Nuno Silva and Hans-Peter Schwefel In e-Energy '21: Proceedings of the Twelfth ACM International Conference on Future Energy Systems, pages 249–253, Details DOI BIB
  • June 2021 Sensitivity Analysis of Earth Fault Localization based on Voltage Signatures in Medium Voltage Grids Julian Wörmann, Ehsan Tafehi, Markus Duchon, Nuno Silva and Hans-Peter Schwefel In ICC 2021 - IEEE International Conference on Communications, IEEE. Details DOI BIB
  • May 2021 A Performance Analysis of Internet of Things Networking Protocols: : Evaluating MQTT, CoAP, OPC UA Daniel Maniglia da Silva, Liliana I. Carvalho, José Soares and Rute C. Sofia MDPI Appl. Sci. 2021, 11(11), 4879;, ():, May 2021. Details URL DOI BIB
  • May 2021 Holonic architectures for IoT-empowered energy management in districts Jan Mayer, Venkatesh Pampana, Michael Bernard, Denis Bytschkow, Thomas Stohl, Pragya Kirti Gupta and Markus Duchon In WF-IOT IEEE Conference, Details BIB
  • April 2021 FASTEN: An Extensible Platform to Experiment with Rigorous Modeling of Safety-Critical Systems Daniel Ratiu, Arne Nordmann, Peter Munk, Carmen Cârlan and Markus Voelter Domain-Specific Languages in Practice, ():131–164, April 2021. Details DOI BIB
  • March 2021 IoT Thing To Service Semantic Matching Nisrine Bnouhanna, Rute C. Sofia and Alexander Pretschner volume , , , edition, March 2021. , 2021 IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications Workshops (PerCom Workshops). Details URL DOI BIB
  • March 2021 Ontology-Based Decision Support System for the Nitrogen Fertilization of Winter Wheat Ingmar Kessler, Alexander Perzylo and Markus Rickert In Emmanouel Garoufallou and Maria-Antonia Ovalle-Perandones, editor, Metadata and Semantics Research (MTSR 2020), . Springer International Publishing, Cham, Details DOI BIB
  • February 2021 AI-Blueprint for Deep Neural Networks Ernest Wozniak, Henrik J. Putzer and Carmen Cârlan In Proceedings of the Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Safety (SafeAI '21), volume 2808, CEUR. Details URL BIB
  • February 2021 RMC Factory: A New Approach for Avionics Software Reuse Laurent Dieudonne, Andreas Bayha and Benedikt Müller In 3rd Workshop on Avionics Systems and Software Engineering (AvioSE21, SE 2021 Satellite Events), volume 2814, CEUR-WS. Details URL BIB
  • January 2021 A Generic Plug & Produce System Composed of Semantic OPC UA Skills Stefan Profanter, Alexander Perzylo, Markus Rickert and Alois Knoll IEEE Open Journal of the Industrial Electronics Society, 2():128–141, January 2021. Details DOI BIB