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Scientific publications

Keywords: multifunk

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  • April 2013 Reconfigurable Industrial Process Monitoring using the CHROMOSOME Middleware Stephan Sommer, Michael Geisinger, Christian Buckl, Gerd Bauer and Alois Knoll In The Fifth International Workshop on Adaptive and Reconfigurable Embedded Systems (APRES 2013), ACM. Details BIB


  • December 2011 Middleware-Architekturen zur Integration von Systemen in Systems-of-Systems Christian Buckl and Michael Geisinger In Tagungsband Embedded Software Engineering Kongress, pages 38–42, Sindelfingen, Germany, Details URL BIB
  • April 2011 Multifunk: Self-Organizing Sensor Networks for Industrial Process Monitoring Gokul Balakrishnan, Michael Geisinger and Christian Buckl In Jian-Jia Chen, editor, Proceedings of the 17th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS'11), Work-in-Progress Session, pages 57–60, Details URL BIB