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Scientific publications

Keywords: routing

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  • September 2020 Information-centric Routing for Opportunistic Wireless Networks - draft-mendes-icnrg-dabber-05 Paulo M. Mendes, Rute C. Sofia, Vassilis Tsaoussidis and Carlos Borrego IETF Network Working Group draft, experimental, ():, September 2020. Details URL BIB
  • March 2020 Forwarding in Opportunistic Information-CentricNetworks: an Optimal Stopping Approach Carlos Borrego, Marica Amadeo, Antonella Molinaro, Paulo M. Mendes, Rute C. Sofia, Naercio Magaia and Joan Borrel IEEE Communications Magazine, Volume 58, Issue 5, pp 56-61. 10.1109/MCOM.001.1900774., ():, March 2020. Details URL BIB