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Scientific publications

Keywords: sensing

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  • February 2024 Dynamic Event-based Optical Identification and Communication Axel von Arnim, Jules Lecomte, Stanislaw Wozniak, Naima Elosegui and Angeliki Pantazi Frontiers in Neurorobotics, 18():, February 2024. Details URL DOI BIB


  • September 2023 6G visions for a sustainable and people-centric future - from communications to services, the CONASENSE perspective Rute C. Sofia and Ramjee Prasad volume . River Publishers, USA, , River Publishers, USA, August 2023 edition, September 2023. Details URL BIB
  • June 2023 White Paper IoT and Crisis Preparedness - AIOTI FG Buildings and Communities Ana Pereira, Rita Santiago, Patricia Jimenez, Pietro Dionisio, Lazaros Karagiannidis, Evangelos Maltezos, Panagiotis Michalis, Dimitris Diagourtas, George Suciu, Monica Florea, Asbjorn Hovsto, Flemming Sven, Tonny Velin, Dolores Ordonez, Karoline Krenn, Roman Vanhee, Rute C. Sofia, Rouman Nikolov, Amelie Gyrard, Gabriel Petrescu and Mario Drobics AIOTI White paper, Details URL DOI BIB
  • January 2023 12th CONASENSE Symposium - Proceedings Rute C. Sofia, Ramjee Prasad and Paulo Rufino River Publishers, USA. Details URL DOI BIB


  • November 2020 A Review on Scaling Mobile Sensing Platforms for Human Recognition: Challenges and Recommendations for Future Research Liliana I. Carvalho and Rute C. Sofia MDPI IoT, November 2020., ():, November 2020. Details URL DOI BIB
  • June 2020 Leveraging Context-awareness to Better Support the IoT Cloud-Edge Continuum Liliana I. Carvalho, Daniel Maniglia da Silva and Rute C. Sofia InProc. of The Fifth International Conference on Fog and Mobile Edge Computing (FMEC 2020). Paris, France, ():, June 2020. Details URL DOI BIB
  • February 2020 Mobile Pervasive Augmented Reality Systems - MPARS The Role of User Preferences in the Perceived Quality of Experience in Outdoor Applications Rui Pascoal, Ana de Almeida and Rute C. Sofia ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, (Volume 20, Issue 1, Article 7):, February 2020. Details URL DOI BIB