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Scientific publications

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Scientific publications

Keywords: tooling

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  • July 2019 Towards Machine Learning for Learnability of MDD Tools Saad bin Abid, Vishal Mahajan and Levi Lúcio In Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (SEKE) Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, pages 1–6, Details DOI BIB





  • November 2010 AutoFocus Tool Chain Florian Hölzl, Maria Spichkova and David Trachtenherz TUM-I1021, Details URL BIB
  • 2010 AutoFOCUS3 - A Scientific Tool Prototype for Model-Based Development of Component-Based, Reactive, Distributed Systems Florian Hölzl and Martin Feilkas In Model-Based Engineering of Embedded Real-Time Systems, volume 6100 of LNCS, . Springer, Berlin Heidelberg, Details DOI BIB
  • 2010 Seamless Model-Based Development: From Isolated Tools to Integrated Model Engineering Environments Manfred Broy, Martin Feilkas, Markus Herrmannsdörfer, Stefano Merenda and Daniel Ratiu Proceedings of the IEEE, 98():526 - 545, 2010. Details DOI BIB