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Scientific publications

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence

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  • September 2023 A Retrospective Analysis of Grey Literature for AI-Supported Test Automation Filippo Ricca, Alessandro Marchetto and Andrea Stocco In In Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on the Quality of Information and Communications Technology, pages 90–105, Springer Nature Switzerland. Details URL DOI BIB
  • April 2023 Designing AI for Appropriation Will Calibrate Trust Zelun Tony Zhang, Yuanting Liu and Andreas Butz In CHI TRAIT '23: Workshop on Trust and Reliance in AI-Assisted Tasks at CHI 2023, Details URL BIB



  • August 2021 A Spiking Central Pattern Generator for the control of a simulated lamprey robot running on SpiNNaker and Loihi neuromorphic boards Emmanouil Angelidis, Emanuel Buchholz, Jonathan Patrick Arreguit O'Neil, Alexis Rougé, Terrence Stewart, Axel von Arnim, Alois Knoll and Auke Ijspeert Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering, 1(1):, August 2021. Details URL DOI BIB
  • July 2021 Toward Embodied Intelligence: Smart Things on the Rise Arne Broering, Christoph Niedermeier, Ioana Olaru, Ulrich Schöpp, Kilian Telschig and Michael Villnow IEEE Computer, 54(7):57-68, July 2021. Details DOI BIB


  • July 2020 Experimental and Computational Study on Motor Control and Recovery After Stroke: Toward a Constructive Loop Between Experimental and Virtual Embodied Neuroscience Anna Letizia Allegra Mascaro, Egidio Falotico, Spase Petkoski, Maria Pasquini, Lorenzo Vannucci, Nuria Tort-Colet, Emilia Conti, Francesco Resta, Cristina Spalletti, Shravan Tata Ramalingasetty, Axel von Arnim, Emanuele Formento, Emmanouil Angelidis, Camilla Blixhavn, Trygve Leergaard, Matteo Caleo, Alain Destexhe, Auke Ijspeert, Silvestro Micera, Cecilia Laschi, Viktor Jirsa, Marc-Oliver Gewaltig and Francesco Pavone Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, 14():, July 2020. Details URL DOI BIB