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Scientific publications

Keywords: Fail-Operational

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  • November 2021 Low-Redundancy Realization of Safety-Critical Automotive Functions Simon Barner, Stefan Matthes, Holger Dormann, Angelika Schingale, Eberhard Kaulfersch, Michael Eichhorst, Lutz Scheiter, Holger Schmidt and Jürgen Gebert In MikroSystemTechnik (MST) Kongress, VDE Verlag GmbH Berlin Offenbach.. Details URL BIB




  • January 2016 A Formal Model and Analysis of Feature Degradation in Fault-Tolerant Systems Klaus Becker and Sebastian Voss In 4th Int. Workshop on Formal Techniques for Safety-Critical Systems (FTSCS), Paris, France, Details DOI BIB


  • March 2015 Deployment Calculation and Analysis for a Fault-Tolerant System Platform Klaus Becker and Bernhard Schätz In 11th Dagstuhl-Workshop on Model-Based Development of Embedded Systems (MBEES), pages 100-109, Details URL BIB