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Scientific publications

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  • June 2024 Emergent Needs in Assuring Security-Relevant Compliance of Information Systems Tomas Bueno Momčilović and Dian Balta In EICC 2024: European Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Conference, pages 46–49, Xanthi, Greece, Association for Computing Machinery. Details DOI BIB


  • July 2022 Defining adaptivity and logical architecture for engineering (smart) self-adaptive cyber–physical systems Ana Petrovska, Stefan Kugele, Thomas Hutzelmann, Theo Beffart, Sebastian Bergemann and Alexander Pretschner Information and Software Technology, 147():, July 2022. Details DOI BIB


  • September 2019 An Approach for an Automated Adaption of KPI Ontologies by Reusing Systems Engineering Data Hendrik Walzel, Milan Vathoopan, Alois Zoitl and Alois Knoll In 2019 24th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA), pages 1693-1696, Details DOI BIB


  • August 2015 Efficient Impact Analysis of Changes in the Requirements of Manufacturing Automation Systems Sabine Teufl and Georg Hackenberg IFAC Proceedings Volumes, 48(3):1482–1489, August 2015. Details DOI BIB


  • August 2014 Understanding and closing the gap between requirements on system and subsystem level Sabine Teufl, Wolfgang Böhm and Ralf Pinger In Model-Driven Requirements Engineering Workshop (MoDRE), 2014 IEEE 4th International, pages 77-86, Details DOI BIB