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Scientific publications

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Scientific publications

Keywords: model-based development

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  • September 2017 GSN Support of Mixed-Criticality Systems Certification Carlos-Fernando Nicolas, Fernando Eizaguirre, Asier Larrucea Ortube, Simon Barner, Franck Chauvel, Goiuria Sagardui and Jon Pérez In Proceedings of the SAFECOMP 2017 Workshops ASSURE, DECSoS, SASSUR, TELERISE, and TIPS, pages 157–172, Springer. Details DOI BIB




  • 2011 User-friendly Model Checking Integration in Model-based Development Alarico Campetelli, Florian Hölzl and Florian Neubeck In Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Computer Applications in Industry and Engineering, Details BIB



  • June 2009 A Software Architecture for Model-Based Programming of Robot Systems Michael Geisinger, Simon Barner, Martin Wojtczyk and Alois Knoll In Advances in Robotics Research – Theory, Implementation, Application, pages 135–146, Springer. Details DOI BIB