Absolute Accurate Calibration of a Robotic C-Arm System based on X-Ray Observations using a Kinematic Model

Sabine Thürauf, Oliver Hornung, Mario Körner, Florian Vogt, M. Ali Nasseri and Alois Knoll

Proceedings of the Workshop on Surgical Robots: Compliant, Continuum, Cognitive, and Collaborative, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA),

June 2017 · Singapore, Singapore


C-arm X-ray systems are commonly used imaging modalities in surgery or interventional radiology. In addition to typical 2D X-ray images, 2D/3D overlays can be performed by these systems. For the 2D/3D overlay a high spatial accuracy of 1:5mm is needed. This accuracy is only achievable, if a spatial calibration of the system is performed. We introduce a new calibration technique for C-arm systems based on an absolute accurate robot calibration to speed up the calibration process and increase the calibrated working volume in future. This work is a proof of concept and shows that the accuracy needed for 2D/3D overlays is achievable with an absolute accurate robot calibration based on X-ray images. However, a deformation model is needed if the C-arm system is reorientated.

subject terms: robotics, roboterröntgen