Draw with Me: Human-in-the-Loop for Image Restoration

Thomas Weber, Zhiwei Han, Stefan Matthes, Heinrich Hußmann and Yuanting Liu

the 43rd German Conference on AI, pp. 245-248



The purpose of image restoration is to recover the original state of damaged images. To overcome the disadvantages of the traditional, manual image restoration process, like the high time consumption and required domain knowledge, automatic inpainting methods have been developed. These methods, however, can have limitations for complex images and may require a lot of input data. To mitigate those, we present "interactive Deep Image Prior", a combination of manual and automated, Deep-Image-Prior-based restoration in the form of an interactive process with the human in the loop. In this process a human can iteratively embed knowledge to provide guidance and control for the automated inpainting process. For this purpose, we extended Deep Image Prior with a user interface which we subsequently analyzed in a user study. Our key question is whether the interactivity increases the restoration quality subjectively and objectively. Secondarily, we were also interested in how such a collaborative system is perceived by users. Our evaluation shows that, even with very little human guidance, our interactive approach has a restoration performance on par or superior to other methods. Meanwhile, very positive results of our user study suggest that learning systems with the human-in-the-loop positively contribute to user satisfaction. We therefore conclude that an interactive, cooperative approach is a viable option for image restoration and potentially other ML tasks where human knowledge can be a correcting or guiding influence.

subject terms: Interactive Machine Learning, Image Restoration, Image Prior

url: https://dl.acm.org/doi/abs/10.1145/3377325.3377509